Broken parts

Back to shifting gears for a moment. Sometimes the gear slip or skip is more than a rough shift. Sometimes your bike is experiencing one of these symptoms:

  • worn out cassette/gears and/or chain
  • incorrect combination of chain/gears
  • derailleur is out of alignment
  • wrong derailleur/shifter combination

In other words, you’ve got bad parts!

What are the “bad parts” revealed by┬álife’s gear slips?

When switching gears in life becomes hard, consider:

  • are you trying to do too much, shift too frequently?
  • is the activity or relationship “worn out”?
  • is your derailleur tired and in need of rest?
  • is there a mismatch between your desires and the next “gear”?

What would a trip to the “bike shop” reveal?

What is YOUR wisdom?