Shifting Gears

If you have ever ridden a bicycle with 10 or more speeds, you know that “shifting gears” requires the chain to move from one gear to another, guided by the derailleur. Ideally, the chain leaves one gear and moves smoothly to the next. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes the chain skips a gear or slips off entirely. Perhaps you find yourself coasting until you can pull over, put the chain back on the gears, and continue.

What about in life? Every day we “shift gears” many times. Work to home, project to other project, children to spouse, thought to next thought. Often the shifts are smooth. Sometimes, we get derailed.

What do you do when you life derails you?

Do you:

Keep pedaling, hoping your chain will magically fix itself?
Pedal harder and realize you’re going nowhere?

Coast to a stop, pause, fix your chain?

What is YOUR wisdom?