Ease in “Abundance”

Abundance — another way of saying “too busy”, “overwhelm”, “get me outta here!” When her life seems overly full with simple to-do’s, work engagements or just plain life happenings, my friend and mindfulness teacher, Joy Jordan, uses the term “abundance” to describe the situation.

In addition to this simple, beautiful reframe, I’d like to offer you ideas for finding Ease in Abundance.┬áThe next time you find yourself in an “abundant” time, try:

  • right-sized planning – plan, but steer clear of getting bogged down in “figuring it all out” because you can’t! With each step you take, there are new details, changes in you, in others, in the world around you.
  • right-sized quality control – especially in times of abundance, “good enough”, which might be less than your usual high standards could be wise.
  • right-sized help – discern where another’s help would be most useful and ask! If this goes against a strong independent streak in you and you ask anyway, celebrate your growth!

Then, add these practices which can be present throughout:

  • deep breathing – invite your anxious, reactive inner self to calm down.
  • surrender to what is – don’t fight what is, flow with it!
  • gratitude – there is always something to be grateful for, even if it is the abundance of activity.

And no need to wait for the next abundant time to begin the practices!

Take a deep breath – now.
Surrender into life as it is – now.
Feel gratitude for something – now.

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