What teaching do you need “now”?

Imagine with me:

  • the impact on your sick body when the right antibiotic is taken
  • the impact on bread dough when yeast and warmth are added

In both cases, the organism (the body, the dough) is transformed at the cellular level – and – the added ingredient (the antibiotic or yeast) becomes one with the organism. It cannot be extracted.

Why are we looking here?

A good teaching is like medicine for your spiritual understanding. Good health doesn’t come from taking the same antibiotic forever.

~Adyashanti, paraphrased from “The Ground of Infinity

When I heard this teaching about teachings, I had a major “Ah ha!” moment. I finally got it.┬áMy spiritual journey has taken me from Catholicism to the 12 Steps to New Thought to the channeled entity, Benjamin, to Buddhism to inner wisdom. Each of these major teachings have left their mark, transformed how I view life. Each has offered prayers or mantras, sayings or ideas, which I have used awhile and then released. When I return to that which has served me in the past, I notice one of three things:

  • it doesn’t resonate at all
  • it is deeply a part of me so I don’t need to “study it” anymore
  • I understand it in an entirely new way

So, if I wish to continue expanding, I must let go, free myself, from what no longer serves me and listen for the teachings, the spiritual medicine, that I need “now”.

What about you?
How are you chained to messages you no longer need?
What spiritual nourishment do you need now?

What is YOUR wisdom?