Circle of Giving

Never deny anyone the opportunity to be helpful.
~ Jamie Loehnis

This week, I took my scooter to  the local thrift shop. I found a rather large item which was perfect for the current creative project. I bought it – knowing that I might need to take the scooter home and trade it out for the car in order to get it to my house.

In the parking lot, a woman asked me, “What is that?” (Yes, it was an odd looking thing!) I told her that I really didn’t know what it was but, rather, how I was planning to use it. Then she watched me attempt to get this thing onto my scooter unsuccessfully. And she said,

How about I put it in my car and follow you home?

That’s when my husband’s words rang in my heart:

Never deny anyone the opportunity to be helpful.

So I responded: “Yes. Thank you! That would be very nice.”

I may never see her again. She will never see the creation that I’ll make with this indescribable object. But, she showed me humanity as generous and kind. I gave her the opportunity to give.  We shared a moment in the circle of giving. Here are some lyrics which speak to the circle where we not only help one another materially, but also in our hearts and spirits:

Circle of Giving (by Jeanne Loehnis, 2003)

There’s a circle of giving, a circle of life.
It’s the story we’re weaving as our light shines bright!
May we not take for granted any person’s precious part:
Every action, every kindness which comes from the heart.

In the circle of giving you’ve offered your hand.
Through the gift of receiving, I’ve learned to stand
on my own. And I now pass it along:
giving kindness to another. Help her grow strong.

It’s a circle of giving without any end.
As we share ourselves freely we’ll soon round the bend
so to see with eyes opened pure Love in everyone.
As we give, we receive now. We all are one.

How will you complete the circle today?

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