Heaven’s Garden

In the garden are many beautiful flowers,
each awaiting its right and perfect bloom-time.
I, the gardener, tend each and every one.

In this garden,
I walk among the flowering plants,
each with its own cycle of maturation and death.

As gardener, I seek to nourish each
with individual attention suited to the need:
just the right amount of sunlight, water, shade, and darkness.

I prune and transplant when needed.
I arrange so that the blooms, in their glory,
will enhance the beauty of their neighbor.

Ah, the Master Gardener in Her infinite wisdom
has led Her flowers to this place and this time
knowing that this collection of blooms
will celebrate each other
and create beautiful music at each other’s side.

Bloom, child of heaven’s garden.
Shine in all your glory.
Walk beside your neighbor.
Lift her spirits with your smile.
Give her the strength of your stem to lean on.

Bloom, child of the Master Gardener.
Bloom in the soil which gives you life.
Let the winds of time scatter your seeds
that the touch of your spirit
will reach to the ends of the world.

Bloom child of Divinity.
In you is Spirit’s Truth and Love.
In you is Spirit’s Life and Wisdom.
Bloom in your sweet time.
Rest when the need arises.

Bloom, rest, receive of life’s abundance
from these who grow beside you.
One with the life of all, merge at depth.
One with the shared glory,
blossom in all your uniqueness at peak.

Hide not from the sun.
Shrink not among your neighbors.
Glorify the Gardener by shining in the soil of your life.

by Jeanne Loehnis, June 2004

God’s Bright Shining Star

If I hide my light so no one can see
then no one can be enlightened through me.
If God walks the Earth as you and as me,
then God’s ways are known only as we …

model to all Love’s goodness and light
throughout every day and into the night.
Rest then. In dreams more Truth will be told.
Waken to new days, aware that we hold …

the gift of a lifetime in vessels of flesh:
ever renewed, ever refreshed.
Shine now Love’s light on all that we are
Be for the world God’s bright shining star!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007


As the lion found within himself that courage ever dwells,
so I have excavated and my soul it now reveals
courage long forgotten after years of gross neglect.
Yet, dusted off and now embraced, it leads. For time has kept

its latent strength undamaged, its potency, yet pure.
With courage, cradled now in prayer, each step I can endure.
I walk into the world with ease, no need have I for fear.
That foe of creativity is no longer welcome here.

Courage, now and always, ever mine as I but choose
to feel its presence deeply, then walk on within its shoes.
Courage as my foothold leaves me free to flow with ease.
Now the challenges before me are great possibilities!

Walking in the world today with courage at my side,
I freely now reveal all that in me I used to hide.
With courage as my partner, Divine Mind my constant guest,
dreams that grow within me are with ease made manifest!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2008


As Spirit is …
so I am.
As I show up …
so is Spirit made manifest.
As I allow Spirit’s voice to speak through me …
so do others hear the message.
As Spirit sings …
so is harmony created and expressed.
As my soul resonates with others in Spirit’s song …
so does the world reverberate with energy to move mountains!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007


My answers come from deep within
when I but turn my gaze
to the soul which I have chosen
for the meaning of my days.

She’s personal and private
and wise beyond my years.
She’s hidden in my rain forest
and cried for 50 years.

Today she glimpsed the sun
as I cracked the door ajar.
And blossoms now are growing
in the garden of her heart.

My soul, my precious Ariel,
awake and shining bright
is warmth and clarity by day
and calming rest by night.

‘Tis Ariel who guides me.
Her voice — my every song.
Together such rich harmony!
To Ariel I belong.

April 2009