What comes to mind when you hear the word “celebrate”? In what ways do you celebrate? Most of us have participated in some of the common types of celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, major accomplishments. Yet, what more is possible here? What about celebrating what it took for you to do “that” – your courage, persistence, energy? What about celebrating failures – those amazing flops that have formed us, taught us, shaped us? And what does celebrating a birthday really mean? What if celebrating a birthday was celebrating a life in all its wonder to-date and all that is yet to come?

And what is the impact of celebration?

For sure, celebrating that is fully received raises energy levels and invites yet more to be celebrated!

In what ways do you let yourself be celebrated?
In what ways do you celebrate you?

If those questions were hard to answer, if your responses were short because you don’t allow celebration, then:

What are you willing to celebrate today?
What will you celebrate now?
And now?
Is it time for a “celebration journal” in your corner of the world?

What is YOUR wisdom?