Are you a change agent?

Do you want to have a positive and powerful impact on the world around you? Do you want to influence others? Do you want to be a “change agent”?

If you answered yes, then I hope you will ponder deeply these two quotes:

Hurt people hurt people. ~ Sarah Crawford

Read it again if you need to. People who are hurt or are hurting, often hurt others and often unintentionally.

Transformed people transform people. ~ Richard Rohr

Read that one again. If you:

  • have done your own healing work and then your deep transformation work
  • are moving in your life authentically whole, healthy and empowered
  • have learned from life’s challenges and struggles and transformed them into assets
  • know that the journey of transformation is never over for you but, rather, is the work of a lifetime

then just maybe you are transforming people and our world through your life. Thank you for that!

If, on the other hand, you want to make big change in our world but are hurting inside, please step away and do your personal work first. Places to look for your next steps include:

Once your wholeness inside matches the impact your want to have on those around you, return to your work of being an agent for positive, powerful change in our world.



What is YOUR wisdom?