Perception, Seduction, Reality?

Today I pulled this inspiration card:

and found it filled with food for thought. What I’d like to focus on now is:

Perception is Reality (or is it?)
What are you “seduced by”?
What is your “insider’s look”?

Here’s the situation in our society today. We are quite literally bombarded with messages from mainstream and social media, marketing in all its forms, parents and teachers who mean well, organized religion and activist groups who claim to have “the answers” … We spend a lot of time and energy looking outside ourselves, perceiving the perspective being offered from the direction we face, and then following the leader whose message seduces us. But, is that which we perceive, “reality”?

What is reality?
What is real?
What is real for YOU – NOW?

The answers to these questions aren’t easy to discern and, in my experience, are ever deepening as I continue to search. What is real for me now is a moving target that can only be perceived through an “insider’s look” — mine!

I invite you to be courageous and close your senses to the outside long enough to turn within. Once inner focused, ask:

What is present in my being?
What do I think, feel, know … in my bones?
What is real for me – now?
What impact will I have when I bring “my real”?

What is YOUR wisdom?