Today, once again, I woke as a new being, changed from the woman who laid her head on the pillow last evening.

I am changing.

Don’t look at my body for proof (though you may see light emanating from my energy field). No, this change is within, the result of a courageous inward journey.

Old ideas, beliefs and rules are softening or melting away. In the space opened up, the void created by the melt, curiosity, possibility and pure potentiality are having their way with me.

These energies bring new ideas to my awareness, invite me into new activities and relationships, call me forth to live in the wonder of this present moment.

I am undergoing a metamorphosis.

How about you? Will you join me on the inward journey, inviting yourself into the new, the ever-present unknown potential?

What’s possible if you do?
What if you don’t?
What if you spend each new day living in yesterday’s knowings?

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