Clogged drains: What’s the message?

drainsI’ve just finished working with the idea of spring cleaning and making space for the new: ideas, activities, dreams. And I realize that I have the perfect metaphor for what happens when spring cleaning doesn’t happen: a clogged drain.

One of the sinks in my home is challenged by a refusal of the drain to let water pass through. The result? A sink that is filthy. Leftover soap scum and bits of food and dirt line its walls. No matter how much clear, hot, cleansing water I pour into it, it is not enough to result in a clean sink. In fact, the “stuff” from days gone by comes back up for a visit!

What’s the message? I think that holding on too tightly or too long, or holding onto too much, even when the holding is around “good stuff” is harmful to the flow. Eventually, a life that is too full of to-dos, intentions, belongings, habits, beliefs, becomes a life that is stifled, stone-walled, blocked.

Consider looking at this in reverse. Ask yourself where you feel stuck or what dream continues to elude you. Then, invite some spring cleaning in to unclog your being. Let these questions provide some channels toward cleansing:

What specific plans do I need to release?
What beliefs are not serving me anymore?
What habit can rest awhile?
What fears are based in the past?
What relationships no longer work?

Finally, breathe into the freedom of the space created by letting go and wonder:

What is possible now?

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What is YOUR wisdom?