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Today is the first Sunday following Thanksgiving, 2011. As has been the custom for many years now, my husband surprised me with a small Christmas tree in my personal coaching/writing/meditation space on Thanksgiving morning. Even though this gift has faithfully appeared for years now, I am always surprised and always appreciative. It's not that I can't wait for Christmas or want to hurry the season along. Rather, I find the lights of the holiday season to be magical, joyful, peaceful. They help me be in the spirit. He knows this … and honors me by remembering and gifting me in this way.

In one respect, this act is quite simple. From another perspective, it is generous beyond measure. It represents his love and could easily fill every desire I have to receive. One small, lit, tree brings me that much joy!

Perhaps you have one or two traditions that truly make your holiday. Probably, the members of your family some as well. Without these, the season would be empty or at least, less rich. With them, not much else matters. Do you know what they are?

In the same way, each of us has day to day habits and practices which are meaningful, bring us peace, sanity, joy in living. Maybe you can't live without a daily walk, prayer, children's hugs, time alone, or a good night's sleep. Maybe a quick phone chat with your Mom is a sacred part of every day. Here's a question for you:

When, in the busyness of the season you let go of these daily must haves,
what is the impact on your well-being?

This year, I'd like to offer a few questions for you to ponder. Maybe you'd like to share them with folks in your home as well. Together, create a holiday season that nurtures each of you.
  • What one or two (three?) holiday traditions are absolutely crucial to each of you?
  • What do you want to feel like when the holiday season is over – on December 26 or January 1, 2012?
  • Which of your family and friends must you spend quality time with?
  • What personal habits and practices are so vital that you dare not abandon them?
For a bit more on the subject of holiday creating, read:

Who do you want to BE this holiday season?

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