What if …

What if “this” was easy?
What if “this” was perfect?

Today is Sunday, December 11, 2011, two weeks before Christmas Day. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, the effects it has on everything are evident. From decorations to activities, food, music, shopping, busyness … Christmas is everywhere!

In the last entry, I suggested that each of us could “create the holiday experience we want to have“. How are you doing with that? Are you freely choosing what is filling your life these days? Do you know what you really want to experience more than anything?

Or … have overwhelm, anxiety, craziness, “should” or habit taken over?

Today, take just a moment to stop. Step outside of whatever you are doing and close your eyes. Invite several deep breaths, the kind that slow your heart beat, slow your mind, call you inward. Then imagine what is “on the plate” for today. Imagine the people and activities that you've scheduled in. Call to mind and heart just why each is happening. Likely there is a beautiful reason! From this place of calm knowing, ask yourself:

What if this was easy?
What if this was perfect?

Then listen. Maybe you'll hear guidance that suggests a shift in the “how” of what is happening, a shift that invites ease. Maybe you'll hear a deep love that says, “Yes, this is perfect. Enjoy it!”

Whatever you hear, take another deep breath, and another. Gently open your eyes and with this bit of guidance from your inner self, smile … and return to your day.

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