Daily Structures … dealing with “the rest”


A recent post talked about choosing our daily activities with intention and re-choosing, or not, the activities in “today” that were planned “yesterday”. You can read more about this HERE.

Why do we put activities in our planners, “plan ahead”,
when we might not feel like it when they arrive?
Why not just wing it?

Beyond those activities that are date/time specific (i.e. the dentist appointment, kids’ sports, the networking event), I think we put tasks in our planners to save us from ourselves!

What? If you, like me, have big dreams and goals, major projects you would like to complete, you know that the steps along the way just might include those you can’t wait to do … and the rest. The rest includes the tasks that don’t light you up, that you aren’t sure you know how to do, that you perhaps really dislike doing. The rest need to be done, and often YOU need to do them.

Here is where the daily planner, the structure that some days you resent, is very helpful. We put tasks into the planner when we aren’t emotionally attached,  we aren’t fully invested in the negative energy we will feel when it comes time to do them. That is a gift! Our planner, the structure, keeps us on track when it reminds us that now is the time.

What do we do when we don’t feel like doing it?

We pause. We notice the resistance within us. We call to mind and heart the bigger reason that this task is on the list. We vision the dream fulfilled, the project completed. Then we return to that recent post:

Simplicity … again: the Choice

We choose with intention if and how we will follow the structure and do today’s planned task. If your choice is “do it”, please schedule in time to celebrate!

What structure, what task, do you face today?
What purpose is behind it?
What if you complete it?
What if you don’t?

What is YOUR wisdom?