Simplicity … again: the Choice!


I suspect, like me, your day is filled with activities and interactions that were planned in the past. You chose them “then” yet here you are. Given the option, you might not have chosen them today!

The first and most important choice you make each day is this:

Will I follow through on today’s plan?

Sometimes, we need to respond NO. Perhaps illness or an urgent matter calls to us. Maybe we really need to change life direction and today’s plan no longer fits. If you are here with NO today, then make it a firm and powerful NO and set a new trajectory.

If, however, you responded YES, then make it a firm and powerful YES!

Whatever plan you are following, you have a second choice to make each and every day: How will I execute the day’s plan?

What energy will I bring to today’s moments?
With what spirit will I fulfill today’s commitments?
What will have me arrive at the pillow tonight
feeling fulfilled, grateful, whole, happy?

The Choice is Clear!

What is YOUR wisdom?