Daring …

How many times have you heard, “I dare you!”, especially out of the mouths of children? Actually, only out of the mouths of children! It seems, as an adult, daring has been trained out many of us. While that isn’t totally a “bad” thing as some of those childish dares were quite dangerous, the quality of daring has a place in our “grown up” world, especially for those of us who choose to be leaders on this planet. Ready?

Dare to disturb
Dare to be wrong

Do you dare to disturb the status quo, the way we’ve always done it? How else does powerful change happen? If we always do what we’ve always done, how will we experience anything but what we’ve always experienced? Actually, in this world where so much is evolving so quickly, trying to keep the status quo is nearly impossible!

Do you have the courage to be wrong? Do you dare to move forward without knowing the steps? Do you dare to be wrong in service of your vision, your dreams, your powerful intention for something better?

Today, notice where your daring is absent but needed. Notice where you go with the flow without question. Notice, too, where you are afraid to take a step because you might be wrong, you might fall down, you might fail.  Then …

Dare to disturb!
How will you shake up the status quo today?
Dare to be wrong!
Where will you feel the fear and do it anyway?

What is YOUR wisdom?