What support will you receive today?

Recently I wrote this:

Separate or Among: You get to choose!

Today’s message is very aligned with being “among”. Do you value independence? Do you believe you can do “it” yourself and that you don’t need support? Perhaps you would answer “No” in some areas of your life but in others, your response is a very strong “Yes!” Maybe you collaborate well at work but when it comes it improving your diet your stubborn streak says, “I can do it myself!” Or perhaps it is your emotional well-being for which you take full responsibility and refuse any loving attempts from friends who offer a listening ear.

Here is a truth: We don’t do “it” alone! We need support. And we need to be a support to others. I suspect that the most independent among you could list several others in your life for whom you offer support. True? And for each one of those that you support, realize that they are receiving support and releasing a bit of independence.

Today, consider giving someone the gift of supporting you. Ask yourself:

Where am I struggling to do “it” alone?
What stubborn streak am I willing to set aside so I can receive?
What kind of support would have a powerful impact?
Whose gifts would match my support need?

Then – ask for support – today!

What is YOUR wisdom?