We’ve all met face to face with them – the hard and fast (or soft and arbitrary) deadlines we’ve been asked to meet. Whether is’s a task at work, the child needing a ride to practice that begins in two minutes, or the self-imposed, “I should call so-and-so who is struggling.”, deadlines seems to be a non-negotiable part of life.

BUT … I am writing to suggest that we just might want to reconsider something. Really, DEADlines? How many of the things we label deadlines really are a matter of life and death?

Right. Not so much.

Sure, if we don’t meet an imposed deadline, we may experience a negative impact: our boss is unhappy with us or we don’t get the raise we’d hoped for; our child loses their spot in the starting line-up because they were late to practice; our friend is disappointed. Actions have reactions. This is a fact of life.

But, how often do you notice the impact of meeting those deadlines?
Are you left with more life energy or less?
More alive or dead?

Today, honor yourself by pausing to become aware of all the impending deadlines operating on your energy system. Include both self and other-imposed deadlines.  As you write, notice what is happening in your physical and emotional bodies. Maybe you feel excitement and anticipation – how awesome is that!! But if instead you are noticing tension, fear or overwhelm, then dare to look at each deadline and ask:

Is this realistic?
Is this negotiable?
Is this a matter of life and death?

After that honest appraisal, which deadlines is your wise inner self willing and wanting to honor? Which will you renegotiate? Which will you release?

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