Supporting Roles

Where are you in a supporting role? What energy do you bring? What characters support your starring roles?

Awhile back, I learned about many organizations in this community that do great work. I met some of the talented folks who have created programs which serve others and who do the work to make it happen.

As a life coach, I am often inviting folks to vision what they can create, what they are uniquely prepared to offer our world. We often imagine the business or program they will start, the book they will write, the “something new” that is theirs to manifest.

Yet, too often we forget both the supportive others we need in order to live into our dreams and the supporting roles we are meant to “star in”. I hope you needn’t think too long to name a whole host of people, experiences, books, ideas, spiritual beliefs, organizations which have helped you become the “star” that you are.

Think about that. Imagine having tried to accomplish your successes alone, without those supportive others. It’s not possible. With that in mind, I encourage you to complete these two tasks:

  • Make a list of the key ways you have been supported on the road to your current successes. Notice the gifts you received and the energy with which others gave. Over the next while, acknowledge each one with a letter, a call, a visit, and perhaps mentioning their role in your life publicly. If you cannot reach them directly, take time to be with the energy of their contribution and quietly send them your gratitude.
  • Make a list of the places and lives where you are in a supporting role. For each, take some time to evaluate your “performance”: Are you giving enough? Are you giving more than you are able to give with joy? Are you committed to this role or do you need to step away? Then, if changes need to be made, do so cleanly and from a place of full integrity.

Where would you be without support?
Who gets your Oscar nomination?
Which supporting role wins you an Oscar?

What is YOUR wisdom?