Do you have a Korean tour guide in your head?

Recently, some American journalists traveled to North Korea and were assigned a tour guide for the duration of the visit. The guide denied many of their requests for sightseeing and talking with the locals. They were forced to spend much of their time in the hotel!

It occurred to me that, at times in my life, I have had a “Korean tour guide” living in my head, telling me things like:

You can’t … because it’s not allowed.
Don’t go there, it’s not safe.

Don’t do that, you’ll fail.
Don’t ask questions.

Many such messages began as well-meant guidance from parents, teachers and loved ones. I heeded them and they protected me. As time wore on, however, the external guidance became 100% internal … voices in my head. The impact over the long haul was  a very small life and not something I choose for myself any longer.

What about you?

Where in life is your inner Korean tour guide over-active?
How is it limiting you?
What are you missing out on?

What will it take to courageously fire that guide?
If not now, when?

What is YOUR wisdom?