Breathe …

How often has someone reminded you to breathe? Usually, it’s when they notice you are racing, off-balance, ungrounded, anxious and likely full of fear. When fear is dominating our thoughts and actions, it is impossible to come from, or to be, love. And love, that open, accepting embrace of self and others, is often precisely what we need more of.

Breathe with me now. Take a long, deep, full breath into your lungs. Let it go. Take another. This time, notice the fullness in your heart space, that center we associate with love.

Often, when we aren’t taking deep, full breaths, we are experiencing some level of fear. When we are breathing deeply and fully, we are filling our heart space, activating the body’s center of fear’s opposite: Love.

I like to play with letters. Take a closer look:


Just move those inner letters around a bit and you’ll see HEART. Each and every deep breath, or someone’s reminder to breathe, can double as a wonderful reminder to release fear and embrace love.

Breathe –> Be Heart –> Love.

Breathe, friends. Breathe.

What is YOUR wisdom?