Do you listen to yourself?

No one will listen to us until we listen to ourselves. Marianne Williamson

Today is the last of 7 days without anyone else in my home. My husband has been away and I have chosen many hours of sacred quiet without people, phone calls, television. I’ve reminded myself of the concept of Sabbath, of stopping work and letting it be.

And I’ve been listening to my emotions, the energy flowing in my body when I rise, when I finish an activity, during time with people and in the sacred quiet afterwards. I am learning – learning about Jeanne and what really delights her soul, empowers and energizes her, what makes her tick.

What I most notice is this: when I pause long enough to hear the message in my body, emotion, spirit and soul, I find acceptance, understanding, and appreciation for this woman who goes by the name, Jeanne. I discover very little need to be heard, to tell my story, because I am listening.

What will you find when you stop and listen?
What if you never stop?
What will be possible once you do?

What is YOUR wisdom?