I Get To!

I have written on this topic before yet it is so powerful that I feel compelled to share again in this moment. A few days ago, if found that I was resisting the “task” of my year-end/year-ahead review and visioning. I was dreading it! Yet, I committed to you that I would complete the process and that today, March 2, 2014, would be the day.

The day is here. And my attitude is, I GET TO! What a difference attitude makes! What changed for me? For one thing, I talked about my resistance with my support team. They pointed me toward what might feel really good about the process. Definitely helped! Talking about it also made me aware of an old block in me: taking time for this very personal experience – something “just for me” – felt selfish, like something I didn’t have time for. Yes – you heard me! And I would be the first person to suggest that YOU take time for YOU, right?

So today, I get to. And I choose to cherish every moment. I know that, if I were to complete this task from an attitude and energy space filled with selfish, or I have to, it wouldn’t serve me at all. Yet from I get to, anything is possible!

What are you facing from I HAVE TO?
What is on your list that fills you with resistance?
What shift in you would help?


What is YOUR wisdom?