Do you live in the extremes?


You know them:

  • Perfection OR Useless (the handmade, beautiful, thoughtful gift or forget it!)
  • All OR Nothing (I am peaceful, prayed up, loving, patient, kind, compassionate all the time or I am a horrible person)
  • Live into your ideal vision OR Quit before you start (only exercise 1 hr/day, 6 days/wk counts)

Today, I’d like to speak to those of you who can see and taste and are filled with desire for the extremes on the left (the ideal, amazing, perfect, do it all and have it all experience) yet routinely berate yourself for not living them. If this is you, try this experiment. On a topic of your choosing, one of those areas filled with the self-judgement of not living your ideal:

  1. Write down the qualities and attributes that exist in the ideal. Who are you being? What do you experience? What is this ideal?
  2. Write down what you can imagine is present on the right side of the equation, when Useless or Nothing or Quitting is really present.
  3. Write down where you really are on the continuum between all and nothing.

I am willing to bet that you are on the continuum, not at either extreme, and that your actions to-date are having a positive impact on your life.

What if you celebrated where you are?
What if you saw yourself as living into the ideal?

What if you took one step closer to the ideal today?

What can you imagine now?

What is YOUR wisdom?