This morning, I lit the candles in my sacred space then paused with that first cup of coffee. As I looked around slowly and really took in each object in the room, I noticed something: so many gifts from so many people! 


Gifts filled with many shapes and sizes of love:

  • furniture from the estate of that very special aunt
  • retirement gifts that came with a huge dose of encouragement and appreciation
  • thoughtful gifts that my husband knew would make my life better and easier
  • handmade gifts from our children
  • music reminding me of those who started my journey with the piano, guitar and songwriting
  • gifts from collaborators and relatives and colleagues
  • purchases I made with the gift of money left to me

What do you see when you look around you?

Behind those physical gifts, I feel the depth of love from people who helped me on this journey, who opened their hearts and their homes, who were friends through thick and thin. I feel the impact of those who believed in me and invested in my growth throughout the 30 years in a technology career.

What do you feel when you  gaze behind the physical?

I witness here the creativity that has come through me which wouldn’t have been possible without my sacred support team who always saw more in me than I saw in myself and didn’t let me forget it.

Who has helped to mold the person that you are?

It is through tears of gratitude that I enter this day. To each one of you who sees yourself in this post, there are no words to express how much I appreciate you. Know, however, that I am committed to let my life reflect your gift today and every day that I am blessed with life on this planet.

What is YOUR wisdom?