Do you suffer from Multipotentiality?

Do you have many interests? Many talents and skills? Have difficulty choosing what to focus on now? Recently I heard a great TEDx talk where Emilie Wapnick described multipotentiality, a word I’d never heard before:

And it resonated! Personally, I have followed passions around computer programming, songwriting, making music with voice, guitar, keyboard and flute, deep friendships, leadership, family, personal development, spirituality, health and well-being, life coaching. I’ve changed careers. And here I am writing to you! Some days, I wonder:

Who am I?
What should I do today?

As a life coach, I invite you to dig deep and identify personal values, discern what brings fulfillment, discover passion or calling and head toward it!

Yet, that can be a very hard thing to do!

Especially if, like me, you have too many passions to choose from!

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to! Especially in this fast paced, ever changing world we live in, it is quite likely that you will need to change direction numerous times throughout your lifetime. Even if you don’t change discipline as I did from technology to life coaching, your chosen area of interest or passion will probably be expressed in ever changing ways.

Are you a multipotentialite? If so, embrace it! Celebrate all the ways you are able to show up and contribute to life, be creative, earn a living, play!

And when it feels like too much, or you struggle to make a decision about where to focus, ask yourself:

What is calling to me now?
What can wait?
What must I put on hold for now?

What path might incorporate multiple interests?
What, if done first, paves the way for something else?

Finally, breathe! Release the struggle. Remember that you can always change your mind. Above all else, whatever you choose for now, focus. You really can’t do two things at once. Multipotentiality is real. Multitasking – not so much!

2 Replies to “Do you suffer from Multipotentiality?”

  1. multipotentiality ~ what a splendid word. Now that I am retired, I am enjoying exposure to new physical activities – hiking and dancing, taking courses, learning the history of my new state, developing new friendships, and expanding spiritually. Some choices have offered the “potential” opportunity to develop into passions! All have brought fun and happiness!

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