Do you check on the roots?


If you are reading this, I suspect you live with intention.  If I asked:

What seeds have you planted for this leg of your life journey?

I suspect you would answer one or more of these questions with a yes:

Are you deep in business building or personal transformation?
Are you devoted to grandchildren or caring for your parents?
Are you giving special attention to your relationships?
Are you developing a talent through regular practice and training?

Whatever it is, I wonder how often:

  • you question if you really should be focusing your energy *here*
  • you worry about what isn’t getting your attention
  • you think your aren’t doing enough, getting *here* fast enough

If these sound familiar, then you have planted a seed and are checking on the roots, digging it up to see what’s happening below the surface.

Guess what? Plants don’t grow real well this way!

Neither to dreams and goals, those big visions we have. Today, and every day, consider adding a huge dose of trust in the process. You live with intention, remember?  You chose this focus after much evaluation and discernment. You set a plan in place and have been taking action steps that fit your goal. Today, take the next step. Celebrate completion. Smile. Rest. Tomorrow? Repeat!

If you must check on your progress, then put a date on your calendar for the next root check. Depending on your focus, that date might be 1 or 3, 6 or even 12 months down the road.  Then forget it!

What would a dose of trust do for you today?

One Reply to “Do you check on the roots?”

  1. I’ve heard this analogy before — and a great reminder for me today as I keep wondering if I’m doing enough, why I’m not at X yet, etc. Thank you for the reminder to have a dose of trust. 🙂

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