Does your vision need UNcorrecting?

All loss is gain. Since I have become so near-sighted I see no dust or squalor, and therefore conceive of myself as living in splendor. ~Alice James, American diarist

Though I am still confused between near and farsightedness, I SO get that quote! My vision up close is horrible! I can’t read a word that is smaller than 20 point type.

Even as my vision has me living in (dirty) splendor, I must admit that I am often disgusted when I see with glasses on. Yet:

How would a case of nearsightedness work in a relationship?

Call to mind an important person in your life, someone with whom you have invested time and energy, heart and soul, in building a foundation of connection and love. Just as you trust that when you open the back door of your home each evening and find a kitchen as you left it, so, too, you know at depth that, in the “big picture”, this relationship is strong and vital and desired.

In the case of eyesight, when the “disease” of blurred vision is corrected, dust, grime and imperfections are revealed. In a relationship, “corrective” lenses account for:

  • fault finding with what they do – or don’t do
  • noticing “bad” habits (or bad breath)
  • judging the rough edges of personality
  • wishing, wanting, and expecting this person to be different than they are

When we take off the glasses and let blurry vision help us see beyond the surface, many of these “imperfections” disappear!

Which relationship in your life could use some surface blurring?
What is the foundation you’ve built?
What if you gaze into their eyes and soul and look past the rough edges?

What impact would a bit of UNcorrected vision have?

What is YOUR wisdom?