Find your own Calcutta

It doesn’t take much to be bombarded by ways to give of our time, talent, treasure, energy. Open your eyes to the elderly woman crossing the street slowly, shopping bags in hand, cane nearly useless. Turn on the news and hear about natural disasters, wars, political gridlock, leaders failing to lead.

What impact do these have on you?
How do you respond?

Maybe you find yourself:

  • turning away from anything that calls for action
  • filled with rage and ready to attack
  • overwhelmed to the point of depression — stuck

Perhaps you are moved to act in positive and supportive ways. Wonderful! If not, maybe this message which came from Mother Theresa will help:

Find Your Own Calcutta

Each of us is called to serve, to bring our unique light to the world, to serve others from the depth of who we are and from our generous heart. Each of us is the product of our life experiences to date. Consider these lyrics:

The situations in your life are not the same as mine.
The people who are near you I’ve not met nor chanced to dine.
The gifts that grow within you may match mine in heart and depth.
But in scope and actuality the difference are great!

from “Paving My Own Way” by Jeanne Loehnis

Today, I invite you to pause the messages bombarding you from outside. Take a deep breath – and another! Ask:

What is your powerful love?
What renders you unstoppable?
What activities are meaningless?
What ignites burning desire?
What power is yours to release?
What if bravery was non-negotiable?

What is YOUR Calcutta?

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