Family Christmas

Deep breath. Today my husband and I will travel to celebrate Christmas with my family of origin. I am aware that, despite 31 years of marriage and much personal growth, I still carry “old tapes” – stories of Christmas past – stories of people past.

I tear up with the awareness that I want to be seen for who I am today, just as I did 10 years ago when I gave you, my family members, this poem:

My Gift

Yet I still see you at times, for who you were 10, 20, 30 years ago! It is time for me to let go. Time for me to receive you with heart and mind wide open!

Today, I choose to do just that. And I pause now for a few minutes with you in my heart, to recall the blessing that you are:

  • you are generous, sharing gifts and food that speak of your love
  • you desire family connection and travel long distances to be together
  • you delight in play and always have time for another game of cards
  • you have always done the best you knew how at raising beautiful children
  • you have seen me to the best of your ability as I have changed

Heart and mind wide open – that is how I choose to be today. I know that you will receive me in that very same way.

In gratitude for you, my family of origin…

What is YOUR wisdom?