For the sake of what?

I am playing with this question for awhile. Here’s the thing. I set this as a topic for a talk I’m giving on January 6, 2013. And as I’ve tried to be with the talk – to create even an outline – I’ve gotten stuck and overwhelmed. What will this one really be about?

Meanwhile, it is the holiday season. And that little fact can also cause overwhelm and confusion. This year, for me, it was low key on the family front with no children at home and no extended family after December 23.

How are these things related? Well, I woke up today realizing that I needed to be with my talk title. Like it or not, you have been invited along for the ride! Ready? Buckled in? Here we go!

First, the holidays. I knew it would be quiet around here and my intention was to do some service at Mooring Programs and take good care of myself as I worked on the talk and a few other upcoming commitments. I got stuck when I compared my “holiday” to “your” holiday! And mine was somehow wrong. Today, I am asking myself, “For the sake of what am I using these days to work on talks and things?” And the answer is: For the sake of those who will receive these inspirations. For the sake of being prepared come January when other things will pop up to fill my days. For the sake of taking care of Jeanne in ways that honor Jeanne – which include doing some of this creative work every day! Yes, I enjoy creating. What I know about today and the remaining days before my work involves other people again, I get to create as long as I can do it with joy.

Now, what about this talk that has me stuck? “For the sake of what am I delivering a message at Unity on January 6?” Well, again there are many reasons. For the sake of the minister who deserves a Sunday to rest. For the sake of my own growth because each time I stretch in this way I become more flexible and more able to give. For the sake of those who come for inspiration and because I can. For the sake of the powerful ideas each one will discover in themselves and, therefore, have access to use in living their lives. For the sake of all those whose lives are touched by those Sunday morning folks who take positive, affirmative living out into the world. For the sake of a world filled with positive, empowered living and loving.

How does that guide me today? Well, my living this day from joy, doing work that is mine to do, honoring the deepest part of me in the process … I do this for the sake of a world that I vision for you, me, our children, and for all those who will walk this planet in the future.

Okay, I’m ready for my day! What is in your day? For the sake of what will you move forward?

What is YOUR wisdom?