Family, Friends and the Holidays

The holidays are, for many, a difficult time of added activity and expectations, an increased amount of family and friend time – or loneliness and sadness if you don’t have connections with others.

If you find the holidays challenging or stressful, read on.

If you find them wonderful, read on! You are probably the light, joy, safe space and energy needed by those around you.

The song, “The Grand Design” by Greg Tamblyn is a beautiful message about our inter-connectedness as human beings.One of the verses speaks clearly to me of a major challenge to this inter-connectedness especially in our families. It speaks also to a path forward, “navigate by heart”.

Out on life’s highway we feel alone
As every bend leads us further from home
Our path divides, we take our chances
And pray our loved ones will understand us
Which way to go we don’t always know so we navigate by heart
But in time we come to learn that every road is part
of the grand design

The wisdom to “navigate by heart” serves us when navigating “out on life’s highways” AND when navigating the space back home!

You’ll find all of the lyrics here.

What will you experience as you navigate by heart?

What is YOUR wisdom?