FEAR — Redefined!


Recently I wrote about non-attachment and letting go in order to really live. And, for me, letting go is often laced with fear. So a quick look at fear seems in order.  First, fear is an emotion. It is meant to suggest we take a closer look. Sometimes the fear is warranted by circumstance and pausing to notice the fear may save us from harm.

Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes fear is a gremlin, a voice trying to keep us stuck in old habits which no longer serve us. Or fear may be an internalized message that we can’t do “it” or aren’t good enough. Each time we listen to the fear we solidify a belief that just may not be true!

Next time you sense unwarranted fear coming on, stop and let fear be an acronym for what might really be going on inside of you. Try on these FEAR acronyms:

(F)eeling (E)dgy (A)nd (R)esistent?
alse (E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal
ight (E)nds. (A)llow (R)est.
ind (E)nergy (A)nd (R)eassurance.
(F)antastic (E)xperience (A)waits (R)ecognition
ollow (E)ach (A)ppropriate (R)eminder
reely (E)ngage. (A)ctively (R)espond.
(F)ly! (E)njoy (A)mazing (R)esonance.

Pick one that has a grain a truth for you and use it to move through the current fear. Perhaps your fear is the result of exhaustion and uncertainty. Choose (F)ind (E)nergy (A)nd (R)eassurance. Then ask yourself:

What would energize me now?
What message would reassure me?
Who can I ask for support?

Then take the energizing step. Ask for support. Wait until you feel energized and reassured. Then return to what it was that triggered fear in you and go for it!

What is it like to move through your fear?

(*) For a bit more on the topic of FEAR, check out: Beyond Fear

What is YOUR wisdom?