Masquerading as a normal person …


Today’s message is simple: In what ways do you hide YOU? Where and with whom do you masquerade as something you are not? Perhaps you’ve been following the rules of life for so long that you don’t even know what “masquerading” as YOU would look like! Maybe you really don’t think you can.

Well, I am here to say: YOU CAN! For today, start small. Look at things that you have 100% control over:

  • Whose thoughts am I thinking? Mine or someone else’s?
  • What do I really believe? Where have I taken on another’s belief system unconsciously, without personal evaluation?
  • Where do I take on your emotional energy, the way you move in life? Where do I hide my inner spirit and refuse to sing and dance down the street?
  • Which clothes in my closet are there because they are in style or because that’s what I am supposed to wear to work or church or wherever?

Do you get the idea? Today, find one way in which you have been masquerading as someone else and dare to be yourself! And, just in case removing your mask is visible to others, have some fun!

What looks do you get when you dance down the street?
What happens when you smile at their questioning glances?
What does it feel like to be YOU?

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One Reply to “Masquerading as a normal person …”

  1. I read a post recently in a course I’m taking where the writer felt the urge to dance while in a crowd of people (and no one else was dancing). Yes, she got some crazy looks, but ultimately most everyone else joined in too! That and this is getting me to think about where I’m not dancing…

    Thanks for the tidbit, Jeanne!

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