For the love of money …

What do you do for the love of money? Do you work long, hard hours because you love money?

I bet you don’t. I’m guessing that what you love – or appreciate – are the things that money can buy (as well as some things it can’t buy!):

  • A comfortable home
  • Family vacations
  • Good food and your health club membership
  • Education for you or your children

And the list could go on. The next time your thoughts and energy go toward:

  • I don’t want to go to work or do this particular task
  • My boss is a real SOB
  • I want to quit

or wherever else you go when you are unhappy with what it takes to bring home a paycheck, consider the deeper “why”. Call to mind, heart and spirit the reason you are there and practice:

I willingly do this for the sake of –>
the children I love
or health
or security
or …

Then, take it one step further. Bring the energy and attitude of love for your children or the value you place on health and security to the task at hand.

What if I worked with the energy of love, of play, of gratitude?

What is YOUR wisdom?