What takes you out of your game?

Earlier today, despite a great night’s sleep and an easy morning ahead, I noticed my attitude toward the day slipping. I was quickly losing joy, excitement, positivity and purpose. What was going on? I paused to notice physical discomfort, pain in my body. I have learned that pain takes me out of my game. Pain takes my thoughts to fear, to frustration that I can’t do everything I may want to do. Pain is one thing that takes me out of love and into fear, negativity and bondage.

What takes you out of your game?

When we are taken out, we have a choice to make. We can intervene and redirect – or not. I most often choose to intervene. How? By focusing on things, actions, thoughts, attitudes which are restorative and which lift my spirits. For me, those things include gratitude, delight, nature, experiencing timelessness, a short walk, meditation, play or calling to mind those I love or who love me.

What restores you and lifts your spirits?

Take the time to answer those questions. The next time you sense yourself riding the slippery slope out of your game, consult your lists.

What is taking me out?
What step am I able to take now to reverse the ride?
What will I choose?

What is YOUR wisdom?