From Responsibility to Playfulness … YES!

Awhile back we started this journey. And I asked:

Are responsibility and playfulness mutually exclusive?

Four demons later, I am here to answer with a resounding, NO! I’ve had so much fun, been fully in a playful spirit, creating these blog posts for you just 72 hours after I DON’T WANT TO showed up.

What if we dared to play through life?
What if work was play?
What if our playful spirit did the work?
What if delight was the norm?

I believe the journey is all about reigniting our playful spirit, the one we were born with and which never leaves us. Truly, it only goes underground waiting for each opportunity to burst into laughter and joy, to giggle with delight, to be exposed to sunshine.

Will you play with me?

What is YOUR wisdom?