On the road … one more demon …

… loneliness. Yes, demon #4 on the road from responsibility to play (or, as you may have guessed, on the road from RESPONSIBILITY¬†to playful responsibility and responsible playfulness) is loneliness.

Why? Because this road is taking us out of our comfort zones .. and … out of the comfort zone of others who expect us to be responsible. It is all too possible that others will be unable to support us on the journey, may fully abandon us, and certainly may not be ready to take the journey for themselves beside us. Sometimes when this happens, we feel lonely.

How do we deal with demon #4, loneliness?

Know that you you don’t have to be alone. Many others are on the journey – find them! Others want to be on the journey but are stuck in demon #3, fear. When you are ready, be a leader and encourage them to take a risk and join you! In the meantime, remember why you began this journey from responsibility to play.

What benefit will you receive from embracing play?
What if you don’t?

What is YOUR wisdom?