From which perspective?

My morning journaling held a strong message for me about choosing from which direction or voice or perspective I am to be with “it” – whatever the current “it” is in life. While there are many perspectives, today I was aware of:

  • IN THE TRENCHES: Purely emotional perspective characterized by internal unrest, the pain body, focus on my needs, sometimes filled with blaming others for how they aren’t supporting me
  • TAKE CHARGE ATTITUDE: Physical or material perspective characterized by seeking a fix, wondering what “I” should do about “it”, often ignoring that inner emotional reaction to “it”
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Intellectual or calculated perspective characterized by evaluating societal rules or beliefs held by organizations I affiliate with and asking what the “right” thing to do is, regardless of my personal wants and needs
  • EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Stepping beyond the body/mind/emotion of life and resting in the meta-view of soul or consciousness where we are one, where all of humanity is connected. Here, what I do, say and feel impacts the greater whole and that greater whole impacts me. What I am experiencing is reflective of what others are experiencing. Daring to take this perspective, I become willing to see and act upon what is best for the greater good. Actions from this perspective are resonant and intentional. They may be uncomfortable and difficult on the human level, but the energy of resonance with the greater good supports us. Those actions might look like:
  • Taking a day off to honor personal wellbeing in order to return to work, people and responsibilities rested, open and loving
  • Taking a deep breath and muscling through what lies ahead one more time
  • Having that difficult conversation with a spouse or co-worker and respectfully speaking personal truth that may be hard for them to hear and then staying with them as they respond
  • Dropping allegiance to an organization that seems to need you yet is not aligned with your deeper, perhaps evolving, beliefs

This is a lot! Perhaps take a moment to notice the perspective that you habitually operate from and how that is – or is not – working for you. Then:

What challenge am I facing?
What perspective would I like to try on?
What do I see from this perspective?
What support do I need?

What is YOUR wisdom?