All in … and Unattached!

Today’s message is simple yet possibly life changing.

What does being all in mean to you?

For me, it’s about giving my all, investing 100% of my energy, full commitment, staying power. Often, I’ve been very careful about where I am all in. Why? Because I’ve been concerned with the outcome. If I am going to give it my all, it better succeed or be good. Also, at times I’ve hesitated to be all in out of fear that I’d be all spent. I chose to stay back and conserve my energy.

What is the impact of my effort when I’m not all in?
What is the impact when I stay back and conserve my energy?

Am I wishy-washy? Am I only half there, only giving some of what I could offer? Today, I want to offer you and me an alternative way to be in this life:

All in … and Unattached!

What does this mean? It means this: give our all. Be all in. Live fully. And … be unattached to the outcome. If we choose to participate, give fully and freely, be all in. Then let go of the outcome – remain unattached – and open.  I suppose this is similar to giving without any strings attached. When I apply this to my life as a whole, it means living forward, deeply, richly, freely. It means not holding on or holding back. It means not trying to control the outcome and not fearing the unknown.  I am reminded of this quotation:


In what ways do you hold back?
In what ways will you arrive at death having not really lived?
How will you live today All in … and Unattached?

2 Replies to “All in … and Unattached!”

    1. You are welcome. I just reread this now — and I need to hear it every day!!! Decide – Stay – Give my all – Trust. Allow the outcome to be what it will be.

What is YOUR wisdom?