God’s Eyes

God opened the eye of the morning and watched.
Rays of sunlight stretched across the horizon.
Love’s eye of the day, its iris widened.

Flowers, responding to Love’s watch,
Open themselves to the day.
Petals warmed by Love’s eye on display.

People waken and Love expands its vision.
Love sees all, knows all, and provides guidance
As we become alive with the day’s activity.

Even when we cannot see God’s watchful eye,
When clouds of fear and hate and despair block our vision,
God’s love and care envelop us.

And as evening nears and the eye of the day
takes its rest beyond the horizon, we are protected.
‘Tis God’s resting eye, the eye of the night, we now see.

Moon rays remind us of God’s never ending Presence.
Always we are protected, surrounded, guided.
Always we are enfolded in Love.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2002

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