God’s Garden

God planted a rich garden so many years ago,
Mother Earth its name, and blooms forever grow.
Various and beautiful, colorful and strong
are the fruits of God’s great garden where you and I belong.

Planted in the soil of God’s Love and Wisdom pure,
Nurtured by the Word until ready we emerge.
Guided, too, by other plants which blossom at our side.
Our lives take shape, our gifts expand and we now share in stride.

Side by side another plant, whose thorns may cause us pain.
Yet co-exist we must; for our soil is the same.
Tolerate, experience the pain to grow yet more.
Miracle of life, soon the thorn his blossom shores.

Connected all as one in this garden on the Earth,
Sharing all one soil, water, sunlight: all one birth.
The seed of God’s sweet Love was planted deep within us all.
Be blessed, my friend, and may your life be rich: grow strong and tall.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2003

What is YOUR wisdom?