Growth Spurt

I shared with a friend that I am going through a growth spurt. In a physical growth spurt, favorite jeans become flood pants and long sleeves reveal the forearm. The outer covering gets tight and uncomfortable and must be shed. Sometimes we replace it with a lookalike! Other times, this growth is an opportunity to try a new style.

Now, I am 54 years old and done growing taller. And, no, I am not growing wider by the day! But I am growing inside, reconfiguring thoughts, emotions, and the ideas that give meaning to my life. And I am saying “Yes!” to new and different activities, challenges, opportunities. In the process, I find myself letting go of long practiced habits (even the healthy self-care practices that have supported my journey) and activities and trying new ones. And it is SO exciting! Who will I be when I grow up? (NOTE: I actually don’t plan to ever stop growing!)

What about you?

When was the last time you allowed yourself a growth spurt?
What is too tight?
What is too short?
What is calling your name?

What is YOUR wisdom?