How do you listen?

A recent post was titled: Do You Listen? If you have discovered that you are missing out on the richness of life and relationships because you aren’t really listening and you are ready to make some changes, then let’s get started. Consider choosing one or two trusted and ongoing relationships in your life and practice:

  • Get curious! Assume nothing from your own experience and instead ask questions like “What was that really like for you?” to help you understand the experience from their perspective.
  • Imagine you were breathing in and out of your heart and listening from there. Take your head out of the conversation and let your body, emotion, spirit be fully connected to the other.
  • Be aware of the energy, inflection, emotion, pace of the words being spoken. What do they tell you about the message?
  • Notice what is not being said. What are they afraid to say or disconnected from? If it feels right, ask about it.

For a fun way of being with the art of listening, check out this song:

I Listen Well (lyrics and recording

What is present when you REALLY listen?


What is YOUR wisdom?