What is it like to be listened to?

For part 3 around the topic of listening, I have an invitation for you. First, if you missed the first two posts, check out:

How do you listen?

Then, today’s question is: Who listens to YOU in this deep and present way? Who in your life practices the kind of keep listening that you’ve been giving to others? Who do you know who would practice deeper listening if they believed they could make the time for it?

If you can’t think of anyone who has listened deeply to you, consider who might be willing to give you the gift of being heard. Then, pass along this message with your request. Realize that you may get “No” for an answer and be ready to ask someone else! Know, too, that everyone – including you – deserves to be heard.

What does it feel like to be deeply heard and understood?
What is the gift of deep listening?

What is YOUR wisdom?