I don’t want to!

I tried to write an article for you on Wednesday, the day I set aside for such things. And I just couldn’t. Everything in my inner being was screaming, “I don’t want to!” So I didn’t.

Maybe it’s the result of my current focus on play for an upcoming talk. Play includes being in the zone, free, engaged, often thoughtless, or lost in the activity. On Wednesday, when the to-do list said, “write a blog post”, it was hard. I couldn’t decide what to write about and nothing I tried was playful or engaging.

Finally, I listened  to “I don’t want to!” and stopped trying.

Where are you trying too hard?
What needs to stop?
What brings you to “I don’t want to!”?

Notice that it is only 72 hours later … and the very task that caused a two year old temper tantrum is being completed.

Just sayin’ …

What is YOUR wisdom?