On the road from responsibility …

… to play. Really? Are these mutually exclusive? If so, then I am destined for a play-less future because I have a very strong responsibility streak. I choose to believe they can coexist. And I’m here, in these next few posts, to share some of the demons that are getting in my way as I explore the topic of play.

Can’t help but notice the rhyme, the playful rhyme, that just rolled off the finger tips! If you missed it, that’s okay but you can return and find “way” and “play” in that last sentence!

Demon #1: Time

Did you take the time to go back and speak aloud that sentence until it rhymed for you? Did you play with the cadence until it worked?

Why not?
What stopped you from playing for a moment?
Was it a perceived lack of time?

What is YOUR wisdom?