I Know!

“I know …!”

What is it that you know? Stop to consider how limiting those two words are in today’s world. Think how fast everything is changing. How many millions of text messages and tweets and e-mails are traveling each second. Imagine ongoing research that is quickly making your 7th grade science curriculum obsolete. Truly, the more often I claim to know, the more I show my ignorance. I don’t know what you are thinking and feeling. I don’t know how you have been shaped by the challenges in your life – even if I know what those challenges were.

What if I came from a place of not knowing, of open curiosity and wonder? What if I trusted that, regardless of my level of expertise or experience, you could enlighten me in some way? I am immediately softer, more malleable, gentler, more calm and I experience more inner peace. I am not trying to maintain a posture of right or ego knowing or one-upmanship.

What don’t I know?
What might I learn?
What else is possible?

What is YOUR wisdom?