Are you REALLY listening?

When was the last time you were honored by another’s deep listening? When was the last time you gave the gift of 100% attention to their story?

In today’s world, multi-tasking, e-mail and text communications, being overly busy with no time to pause are all too often the norm. Being fully present with another human being, just receiving all the other needs to share, without fixing, correcting, hurrying or shortchanging, is rare.

What does deep listening sound like, look like?

  • make eye contact
  • open, inviting posture
  • show that you are hearing with messages like: I’m so happy for you! or I’m sorry you had to go through that. or even, I’m noticing resistance in me-please help me understand you.
  • show you are interested with invitations like: Tell me more. or How can I support you? or What’s next with your idea? or You are so passionate about this – what makes it important for you?

What does deep listening feel like?

If you don’t know, then begin to offer it to others. Experience deep listening as the listener, the giver. You may find it so satisfying that you don’t often need to be the speaker! If, however, you DO want to be heard, ask for what you need.

What will we create in our world through the simple act of listening?

What is YOUR wisdom?