If Nothing Changes …

… nothing changes, right? Right! Yet so often, we human beings, creatures of habit, continue the routine, day after day, month after month, year after year. We dream of the day when:

  • we’ll have time to exercise
  • we’ll start that diet
  • we’ll look for a new job
  • start painting again
  • take a sewing class

The list is different for every one of us but, unfortunately, many of us have the list. What prevents us from taking action on our desires? Where is the will power to “Just do it!”? Why is change so hard?

Let’s examine Webster’s definition of “adult”:

“having arrived at maturity, or to full size and strength; matured; as an adult person”

And “maturity”:

“the quality or state of being mature; especially full development”

And “mature”:

“having completed natural growth and development; having attained a final or desired state; having achieved a low but stable growth rate”

Perhaps we’ve been brainwashed into a belief that stability is good, change is bad? And mistakes, those that naturally accompany the learning process, are simply NOT adult? These thoughts, along with: “No, I couldn’t try that … I’d look silly.” or “I can’t start the diet because I have way too far to go and I’ll never get there!” or “Piano lessons are for kids; I can’t learn at my age!” are likely swimming in our mind. Each thought of change is immediately countered with thoughts of why that change is not an option.

Well, keep it up, and the Law of Attraction:

You attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.

also stated as:

Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.

will be alive and well in your life!

From an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Rhonda Byrne describes the Law of Attraction as “the most powerful law in the universe” (*). She goes on to say that we “create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts – which means our thoughts are the most powerful things we have here on earth.”

Are you ready to live your dreams? Are you ready to make the “impossible” life changes?

Start with your thoughts. Begin by becoming aware of them. Fair warning: it is said that we think between 12000 and 50000 thoughts per day! Be gentle. Use your journal to transfer your thoughts to the page where they can be “seen”.

Beyond awareness, consider using the Law of Attraction with your thoughts. Become intentional about the thoughts you *choose* to hold in mind. Take time each day to become still and to bring to mind one positive idea, one goal, one dream. Focus on this “one”. Hold it in mind as you purposefully think thoughts in support of it. Yes, the mind will wander. But, YES, you can redirect it and bring your thoughts back to the “one”, back to your dream – over and over and over again!

The Law of Attraction can then draw to you ideas which support your dream. This powerful law will also bring situations, opportunities, and people into your life which make your dream come alive. How? As you move through each day conscious of your dreams and goals, you will become more observant. All that has always been there, but which you’ve never noticed, will suddenly appear bold, vivid, and real. Aware of your dream, you will become aware of the ways in which the universe is there to support you in making your dream a reality.

So dream! Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind. Thoughts are powerful. Our thoughts shape the world we live in. Change your world by changing your thoughts.

If thought changes, everything changes!

 (*) Rhonda Byrne, is creator of the movie, “The Secret”. Learn more about “The Secret” at www.thesecret.tv. Join a local spiritual community where the principles of the law of attraction are taught and practiced: Unity of Appleton: www.UnityOfAppleton.com

What is YOUR wisdom?